Thursday, July 19, 2007

Cookie Baking

Baking cookies always reminds me of my ma back in the day, every clip I acquire a pennant of that sweet smell, it always conveys me back and sets a smiling on my face.

Below are formulas and methods for a couple of different cooky varieites:

You will need:

Cassic or Spiced Cookies

Large mixing bowl

Cups and spoons for measurement

Pitchfork for stirring


Baking pulverization and sodium carbonate


Cocoa pulverization


Butter Melt Cookies

Another big mixing bowl or wash and reuse the other 1

A 2nd set of measurement cups and spoons

Food processer

Wooden spoon

Rubber spatula

Butter, oleo and pick cheese

White Person and brownish refined sugar


Vanilla infusions

Raisins, nuts and cocoa bits

Rolled oats

Any other ingredients that are added to the butter and eggs in your formulas

For the novitiate baker among you, to best avoid transferring spirits from one formula to another, you necessitate to begin with basic formulas that have got no spices, chocolate, or other over powering ingredients.

Starting with your first recipe, measurement your flour and baking hot sodium carbonate into 1 bowl. Then, compound the butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla in another bowl as directed. Gradually premix flour and bking sodium carbonate into the butter mixture and add any extras.

Next, scraping down the borders of the mixing bowl with the spatula to unclutter up any excess, form the dough into a ball and wrapper it in cleave film. Identify the different formulas by authorship the name on the plastic with a felt-tip marker and set it in the fridge.

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