Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Benefits You Can Find In A Green Tea Extract

You may have heard about the benefits of drinking green tea from multitude of websites and books dedicated to spreading the advantages of drinking green tea drinks, applying green tea lotion, using green tea soaps, and other green tea products. However, not much has been said about green tea extract.

What is a green tea extract? Green tea extract is simply the juice gathered from green tea leaves. Green tea extract contains healing properties from the tea leaves and green tea extraction simply means taking out these juice – as well as its healing properties – and subject these into a chemical form which is used in green tea pills, green tea dietary and health supplements, cosmetic and beauty or skin care products and many others.

Green tea extract is the primary ingredient in a fat burning pill. Green tea extracts helps with the body's heat generation, or what we call thermogenesis, which is an important factor in the burning of body fats. Green tea extract promotes thermogenesis without affecting the heart rate. Green tea extract in fat burning pills and other weight loss supplements can help a person achieve a more fit physique without side effects such as jitters and LBM.

Another essential content in a green tea extract is bioflavanoids. Bioflavanoids help fight against the free radicals in our body that can cause diseases. Green tea extract also has EGCG which shields that body from any respiratory and digestive infections, and gets rid of carcinogens in the body which causes cancer.

Aside from weight loss benefits that products with green tea extract have, it also lowers hormonal activities which, in turn, decreases the production of acne. Green tea extract lowers cholesterol, helps lower high blood pressure and also stimulates the immune system that can help prevent periodontal diseases.

A recent study and research showed another important benefit of the green tea extract which is its ability to lower the chances of organ rejection in organ transplant patients. In the research rats that were induced to drinking developed damages in their livers. Some of these rats were consequently given green tea extracts for days. Results showed that these rats with green tea extract were able to adapt well to the new transplanted livers in their body.

Whatever your stand on animal testing and its viability on humans is, research and results of studies still give the same result: that green tea extract have promising benefits which could very well be the preventive solution to most of today's health problems.


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