Monday, September 24, 2007

Choosing a Tea Company

Tea cognoscentis are always looking for the best teas. And, often we're disappointed. Many modern times we pay good money for tea that misses flavor, even though we've purchased loose tea from what we believe to be a good company.

So, how make you take a good tea company? Well, there are respective things to look for to do a good pick in your tea provider. Once you've establish a good tea company, you can rest assured that you'll acquire high quality tea each and every clip you buy from them. Here are some things to look for when choosing a tea company.

A Good Repute - Your tea company should be well known in the industry and recognized for its high quality products. Look for acknowledgment by tea associations and awardings for peculiar teas. If one tea that a company bring forths is good adequate to win an award, it's likely that all their teas are of high quality.

Primarily Loose Teas - The best quality teas you can purchase are typically loose tea varieties. Tea bags are often made from less quality tea leaves, and choosing loose tea generally intends that you'll have got better tea. However, even loose teas come up in assorted grades, so some volition be better quality than others.

A Money Back Guarantee - Only a few tea companies offering a money back guarantee, promising that if you simply don't like a tea, you can go back it. But, particularly when you're ordering tea from the web, where you don't acquire the chance to savor it before you buy, you have got to experience comfy that you tin go back it if you choose.

There are tea companies out there that can give you all of the things listed above, and you shouldn't settle down for less. Flavored teas are all the fury right now, so there are many of them on the market. But, as with other teas, not all the flavored 1s are high quality. Many manufacturers utilize low quality go forths and then over spirit them to cover up the lower status of the tea base.

Every tea cognoscenti should have got a favourite tea company. By trusting the repute of your tea purveyor, you experience comfy trying every new merchandise they introduce. This is the best manner to happen many new teas to enjoy. Shopping is simple because you can tell right from the comfortableness of your home. And, with serious tea companies you cognize that if you seek something you don't like, you can simply go back it, no inquiries asked.


Nigel said...

Yes, a good tea company should certainly meet these criteria. My favorite is Nothing But Tea Ltd. They ship all over the world and they do 10 gram (1/3 oz) sample bags of all their 150 different teas so you can try them at minimum cost. website


Jess K said...

i like wuyi oolong from

best so far. but their green are about the same with the rest

earlgrey said...

This is excellent information in choosing a tea company. There are too many online tea shops that sell loose tea who do not have enough knowledge of the tea world to offer good, high quality teas. I drink mainly green tea and have been purchasing them from Tea Laden for several years. If I have a question they always respond quickly. You can purchase small samples of there tea and they always send samples with each of my orders.