Monday, November 19, 2007

Kenya: Sasini Rolls Out Its First Coffee Shops in Nairobi -

Steve Mbogo

Sasini Tea and Coffee assures to export the African java imbibing civilization to the remainder of the human race followers the launch of its first java store in Nairobi.

The stores will be trading as Savannah Coffee Sofa and the Capital Of Kenya mercantile establishment will soon be followed by two others in Dubai and London. Sasini is pumping at least Sh100 million in the java stores concatenation in the adjacent 15 calendar months in Capital Of Kenya only, where it bes after to have got three such as java lounges.

In Nairobi, the java store civilization is gaining popularity especially among the emerging center social class who utilize the mercantile establishments for leisure time and concern meetings.

Companies like Capital Of Republic Of Kenya Java House, which runs seven java stores in the capital, have got already made their grade with their freshly roasted Kenya coffee.

The other chief coffeehouse concatenation is the Tamarind Group, which runs the Dorman's Coffee mercantile establishments with respective subdivisions in Nairobi. Other non-chain java stores have got got also come up up in Nairobi.

In Dubai and London, Sasini will square it out with other planetary trade names like World Coffee Lounge, Wally's World Coffee and Starbucks Coffee, the prima retailer, roaster and trade name of forte java in the world.

The Savannah java sofas are expected to offer the listed Sasini concern line variegation from the growing, processing and packing material of tea and coffee.

"The hereafter today is value addition.

We cannot just sell java at the auction bridge like we have done at the past. This regard our packaging business," said Sameer Merali, a director of the company.

Mr Merali is the boy of industrialist Naushad Merali, the president of Sameer Investments Group, which have got Sasini and Sameer Tyres, among others.

The company have signalled its planetary purposes with the enlisting of an exportation manager.

Initial raids are expected in Russia, European Union, Islamic Republic Of Iran and Islamic Republic Of Pakistan where research done by the company showed rising popularity for packaged Republic Of Republic Of Kenya tea and coffee.

"We make not have to sell Kenya abroad; the job is that Kenyans are not taking advantage of the existent consciousness and good will about Kenyan produce. Every organic structure cognizes Kenya," said Mister Merali.

The Savannah Coffee Sofa conception was developed with an African theme, the first clip in the human race that a java store have taken the personal identity to establish into the international market.

The Savannah Coffee Sofa is betting large on the changing tendencies and life styles of Kenyans and international visitors.

The sofas will move as concern meeting points to acquire away from the traditional formal setting. The concept, according to Mister Merali is popular in Dubai where every shopping promenade have got got 10s of java shops.

"When we went to sell the conception in Dubai, they said 'oh wherefore bargain the thought when we already have all these java shops' but accepted it because of its African theme," Mister Merali said.

The stores insides have an African feel including decorations, colour, sculptures and music and wildlife. Plans are afoot to throw music and book launches and related to activities within the shops.

The stores seek to retroflex the success of Chinese and Indian nutrient civilization across the world, apparent in Chinese eating houses and India's poulet tikka mercantile establishments in major metropolises across the world.

Expansion of the java concatenation will be based on a franchise conception with 10 hebdomads needed to retroflex one java shop.

The company programs to open up four to five stores every twelvemonth starting January across the world.

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"Eventually, Savanna java sofas will have got franchise holders across the globe, built on this alone attack and Kenyan style," said Mister Merali.

The new concern line come ups just when the company was given a spell ahead to listing a Sh600 million corporate chemical bond to finance its enlargement into value improver of its coffee, tea and horticultural products.

Part of the money will be used to ascent its information engineering systems and upgrade its java mill.

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