Friday, November 30, 2007

What Do Customers Want From Their Coffee Shop?

Do you have got what it takes to run a java shop? These years consumers are looking for more than than a cup of either regular or decaffeinated java that they will imbibe achromatic or with a mixture of pick and sugar. They desire a full line of drinks that include lattes, cappuccino, espresso, and other favorites.

You can be certain your clients are going to be expecting the very best quality of java merchandises from you. If they acquire it every clip they come up in they will be a regular customer. They will also urge your java store to their friends.

Make certain you always have got a good supply of cups and eyelids too. Nothing is going to annoy your clients more than being told you are out of eyelids or something similar that brands it look like you aren't prepared. Keep a stopping point oculus on your stock list so you always have got plentifulness of ingredients on hand. Your clients will come up to cognize your java store as being very reliable.

Speed is very of import when it come ups to operating a java house. You may have got got a line all the manner to the door in the morning time which can be exciting, but you have to maintain it moving. This agency your staff have to be well trained and cognize exactly how to do every drink on the menu. Many of your clients will be fillet in on their manner to work and they aren't going to be late to wait for the line to move.

In order to maintain the line moving swiftly, you are going to have got to put a great trade of clip in the preparation of your staff. Before they are turned lose out there to greet the morning time rush, they necessitate to cognize how to do every drink you offer and how to run the machinery to acquire it done. Brand certain you engage people that are friendly and willing to learn.

Most consumers of java will state you that the location of the concern is going to impact how often then halt in. The location you take for your java store necessitates to be easy to entree by auto and by foot. This is going to profit you in many ways so do certain you happen a terrific location where you can anticipate high volumes of traffic on a regular basis.

Coffee stores definitely have got to be unfastened very early in the morning. Some people really desire it before they begin an early shift. That agency you are going to have got got to be up even earlier than they are to have it ready for them. If you don't like getting up early in the morning clip then you are going to have got got got to have a dependable employee that you can swear to take attention of this for you.

When you take the time to really happen out what consumers desire from a java shop, you will happen you have the ability to supply it. They aren't asking for anything more than quality merchandises that they can buy even very early in the morning. They desire to be confident they are going to acquire a delightful tasting drink and still do it on time. They also desire the service to be fast and friendly each clip they come up to the java shop. If you are willing to offer these things to clients then many of them will be very loyal.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Making Use of Those Holiday Leftovers

So your icebox may be packed full of remnants from a plentiful thanksgiving repast at your apartment. Ill of just picking at the Meleagris gallopavo and warming up the potatoes?

Leftovers are my favourite portion of the whole vacation repast experience and I have got respective thoughts to assist you acquire quit of them before they travel bad without making you experience domestic fowl about eating so much turkey.

Brand a Sandwich - This may look obvious to everyone, but making a Meleagris gallopavo sandwich, doused in mayo is the easiest and most adept manner to go. The mayo maintains the Meleagris gallopavo from apparent too dry. If you wish to delve outside of traditional Meleagris gallopavo sandwiches, seek this: Smear remnant mashed potatoes on the bread, throw some slices/pieces of Meleagris gallopavo on top, and then surround that in a small spot of gravy. Put the pieces of breadstuff together and you have got a messy, but incredibly dainty "leftover" sandwich that is quite filling.

Casserole - Honestly, this sounds a small gross, but a friend's female parent used to do a casserole dish out of all of their left overs. It's fairly easy to do, and honestly savors incredible. First, layer the underside of a casserole dish with your remnant mashed potatoes. Next, layer greenness edible bean casserole on top of the potatoes. If no greenish edible bean casserole, just pour a tin of pick of mushroom soup and two tins of greenish edible beans into the dish on top of the potatoes. Now its clip for the turkey. Interruption up the Meleagris gallopavo into spots and pieces and spreading it around in the casserole. For best results, premix all of the ingredients well inside that dish. Dad this in the oven at 350 grades for about 15 minutes. Being careful of it being hot, pulling the dish out, scatter some French deep-fried onions on the top and dad it back in the oven for 3-5 minutes. After that, you should be all set with a remnant casserole that taste sensations fantastic and assists compound all of those separate dishes into one!

Donate them - Another great thing to make with remnants is to donate them to either a homeless person person shelter, through a church, or even directly to the homeless. Sometimes the shelters are a small wary of taking in nutrient contribution wise, but many Christian churches have got programmes put up to take in your remnants and do certain they are received by those in need. This may also be a clip to travel through your cupboards and happen old jackets or covers and donate them as well. Remember, what may be doing you no good sitting in your cupboard or fridge, can make a short ton of good to those in need.

Now...for getting quit of your pie...I would wish to give you my place computer address so that you can pass present them to me and Iodine will happen a proper manner of disposing your pies and/or your cakes. (-: Okay...not really, but I'm sure you will have got no problem getting quit of your dessert leftovers.

I trust everyone had a safe and happy weekend. Time to begin decorating for Christmas. I'll be throwing you some Christmastide decorating tips very shortly!

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Friday, November 23, 2007

Africa: African Coffee - Seven Projects to Revamp Production -

Lukong Pius Nyuylime

Apart from the administrative terminology of the 7th African Coffee Research Network (ACRN) and the 47th Inter African Coffee Arrangement (IACO), two major issues necessitate to be thrashed as the General Assemblies of the two organic structures ran into at the Capital Of Cameroon Conference Centre tioday. These are: the programme of activities for 2007/2009 and the budget estimates.

Based on some of the proposals from the forum on African java which were subsequently adopted by the IACO General Assembly, experts in African java have got basically identified seven chief activities for the adjacent two years. In order to better java selling systems, end product per unit of measurement country and quality, they mean to increase engineerings in research and development, exchange information and supply technical back-stopping among others. To increase consciousness in local java consumption, better the mental image and nutritionary value of java and better scientific knowledge, they will be providing internal java and human wellness surveys for histrions and reducing negative myths on java through scientific and technological cognition information.

Thirdly, to increase the figure of improved assortments for farmers, experts will place value traits in current java collections, do certification and circulate information on java varieties/germplasm materials. The 4th undertaking sets out to better installations for preparation and surveys in java quality analysis, improving accomplishments and cognition of donees through regional institutional conferences. This volition be done by improving the capacity of Regional Cup Tasting Centres for preparation programs among others.

The 5th undertaking concerns production of catalogs for quality information to java consumers (roaster), preparation extension staff through acquired accomplishments and knowledge, increasing income and improving socio-economic status of java stakeholders. With regard to these, a study will be carried out for good assortments and a choice made for assortments and soil/coffee samples for research lab analysis. The 2nd but last undertaking concerns the alteration of ACRN publications, yearly advancement study and News Letter update. Finally, the arrangement will be stepping up capacity edifice in network, handiness of identified engineerings and schemes of dissemination.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Kenya: Sasini Rolls Out Its First Coffee Shops in Nairobi -

Steve Mbogo

Sasini Tea and Coffee assures to export the African java imbibing civilization to the remainder of the human race followers the launch of its first java store in Nairobi.

The stores will be trading as Savannah Coffee Sofa and the Capital Of Kenya mercantile establishment will soon be followed by two others in Dubai and London. Sasini is pumping at least Sh100 million in the java stores concatenation in the adjacent 15 calendar months in Capital Of Kenya only, where it bes after to have got three such as java lounges.

In Nairobi, the java store civilization is gaining popularity especially among the emerging center social class who utilize the mercantile establishments for leisure time and concern meetings.

Companies like Capital Of Republic Of Kenya Java House, which runs seven java stores in the capital, have got already made their grade with their freshly roasted Kenya coffee.

The other chief coffeehouse concatenation is the Tamarind Group, which runs the Dorman's Coffee mercantile establishments with respective subdivisions in Nairobi. Other non-chain java stores have got got also come up up in Nairobi.

In Dubai and London, Sasini will square it out with other planetary trade names like World Coffee Lounge, Wally's World Coffee and Starbucks Coffee, the prima retailer, roaster and trade name of forte java in the world.

The Savannah java sofas are expected to offer the listed Sasini concern line variegation from the growing, processing and packing material of tea and coffee.

"The hereafter today is value addition.

We cannot just sell java at the auction bridge like we have done at the past. This regard our packaging business," said Sameer Merali, a director of the company.

Mr Merali is the boy of industrialist Naushad Merali, the president of Sameer Investments Group, which have got Sasini and Sameer Tyres, among others.

The company have signalled its planetary purposes with the enlisting of an exportation manager.

Initial raids are expected in Russia, European Union, Islamic Republic Of Iran and Islamic Republic Of Pakistan where research done by the company showed rising popularity for packaged Republic Of Republic Of Kenya tea and coffee.

"We make not have to sell Kenya abroad; the job is that Kenyans are not taking advantage of the existent consciousness and good will about Kenyan produce. Every organic structure cognizes Kenya," said Mister Merali.

The Savannah Coffee Sofa conception was developed with an African theme, the first clip in the human race that a java store have taken the personal identity to establish into the international market.

The Savannah Coffee Sofa is betting large on the changing tendencies and life styles of Kenyans and international visitors.

The sofas will move as concern meeting points to acquire away from the traditional formal setting. The concept, according to Mister Merali is popular in Dubai where every shopping promenade have got got 10s of java shops.

"When we went to sell the conception in Dubai, they said 'oh wherefore bargain the thought when we already have all these java shops' but accepted it because of its African theme," Mister Merali said.

The stores insides have an African feel including decorations, colour, sculptures and music and wildlife. Plans are afoot to throw music and book launches and related to activities within the shops.

The stores seek to retroflex the success of Chinese and Indian nutrient civilization across the world, apparent in Chinese eating houses and India's poulet tikka mercantile establishments in major metropolises across the world.

Expansion of the java concatenation will be based on a franchise conception with 10 hebdomads needed to retroflex one java shop.

The company programs to open up four to five stores every twelvemonth starting January across the world.

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"Eventually, Savanna java sofas will have got franchise holders across the globe, built on this alone attack and Kenyan style," said Mister Merali.

The new concern line come ups just when the company was given a spell ahead to listing a Sh600 million corporate chemical bond to finance its enlargement into value improver of its coffee, tea and horticultural products.

Part of the money will be used to ascent its information engineering systems and upgrade its java mill.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Uganda: Coffee Export Earnings Grow By 32 Percent -

Peter KaujjuKampala

COFFEE exportation gross in October rose by 32% to $17.6m.

The up-to-the-minute study from the Republic Of Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA) said the volume was up by 10.9% compared to 155,571 bags shipped in October 2006.

UCDA attributed the improvement to high volumes of Robusta java which was up by 15% totalling 132,179 bags.

Arabica java measures on the other manus dropped by 0.4% owed to heavy rainfalls that delayed harvest home in some areas.

"Coffee cargo from Republic Of Uganda in the 10 calendar calendar months of the calendar year-2007 (Jan/Oct) amounted to 2.2m bags valued at $216.2m, up from 1.67m ($145.1m).

"In the last 12 months (November 2006-October 2007) cargo totalled 2.72m bags worth $261.3m, up from 2.04m ($ 174.4m) realised a twelvemonth ago," the study said.

On the local market, the heavy rainfalls during the calendar calendar month interrupted harvest home and drying of the beans.

This pushed farm gate terms to between sh1,000 and sh12,000 per kilogram of dry cherries of Robusta and sh2,500 per kilogram of Arabica.

On the planetary scene, the positive human race ingestion tendency against a background of a autumn in production is envisaged to travel on giving support to a terms rise.

Exports to the European Union increased to 147,564 bags during the month compared to 142,080 previously.

November exportations are estimated at 250,000, 3% above October volumes owed to higher farm-gate pillory and unfavourable weather.

Meanwhile, a commission involving exporters, UCDA and other government authorities have got been formed to counter larceny of java from containers in theodolite to Mombasa.

Many exporters have lost millions of Ugandan shillings to unscrupulous people who interrupt into containers, steal the java and replacing it with sand.

The cozenage is threatening the sector's credibleness on the international market.

It is safer for the java to go by railroad as opposing to route but most of the exporters utilize route conveyance because it takes about 10 years to acquire to Mombasa.

The rise java terms this twelvemonth could be one of the grounds for the thefts.

Robusta java is going for about $1.95 (sh3,354) a kilogram in London, from the $1.61 (sh2,769) a twelvemonth ago. Being a landlocked country, Uganda's greatest traditional export, coffee, have to travel through Mombasa. Many purchasers are concerned about Uganda's coffee, beginnings said.

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A UCDA functionary said recently that the larcenies were on the rise.

"Our authorization is to supervise the containers up to the boundary line and then they are in the custody of transporters. We are losing gross as government and assurance in our coffee.

"We are in contact with the Kenyan authorities. Something have to be done soon," the functionary said.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Investors push Caribou Coffee shares up as CEO steps down

: Caribou Coffee Co. is replacing President and chief executive officer Michael J. Coles, who oversaw the growing of the nation's second-largest coffee concatenation but not of its stock price.

A regulating filing Tuesday said that in six calendar months Coles would acquire $1.35 million (€0.92 million) in exchange for agreeing not to litigate for "termination without good cause." Coles will remain with the company as a director.

Caribou named Rosalyn T. Mallet as interim CEO. She joined the company in March as president and main operating officer. She was previously a director.

Another director, Gary A. Graves, was named chairman.

Coles was hired as interim chief executive officer at Caribou in January 2003 and got the occupation permanently a few calendar months later. He became president in 2005. He had co-founded the Great American Cookie Co., which he sold in 1998. Today in Business

Coles said Tuesday that he had planned to remain at Caribou only three to five years.

"My aim at the clip was to make a serious No. Two rival in the cafe space," he said.

Caribou now have 473 coffeehouses. Starbucks Corp. have 14,396 supplies around the world.

Caribou shares closed at $12.02 on the twenty-four hours of their initial populace offering in 2005, but by Monday, when Coles' surrender was announced, they closed at $5.15. Caribou shares rose 7 cents to fold at $5.22 on Tuesday.

Same-store sales have got been lackluster, rising just 1 percentage in the one-fourth that ended Sept. 30, and they declined during some quarters. Caribou have lost $15.5 million (€10.61 million) so far this year, more than than dual last year's comparable figure.

Piper Jaffray analyst Nicole Glenn Miller Regan said some of Caribou's jobs are beyond management's control, with terms rising for fuel, milk and labor.

"I don't believe it's so easy to just point fingers. I believe there are a batch of moving pieces," she said.

Coles strongly suggested that Mallet would go his lasting replacement. "We're going to be looking for many of the qualities and accomplishments that Roz possesses," Coles said on a conference phone call Tuesday.

Mallet, 52, said she would go on Caribou's current strategy, which have included gap more supplies through franchisees and expanding partnerships such as as its trade for Caribou-branded snack bars, distributed through General Robert Mills Inc.

"I believe we all anticipate continuing down a very similar path," she said.

Mallet previously was an executive director with insouciant dining eating houses la Madeleine Delaware Corps Inc. and Applebee's International Inc.

Although Caribou is publicly traded, it is controlled by Bahrain-based Arcapita Depository Financial Institution B.S.C. Messages left at Arcapita's Capital Of Georgia business office were not returned.


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Monday, November 12, 2007

Kenya: Coffee Regulator Plans Aggressive Online Marketing -

Allan OdhiamboNairobi

Coffee manufacturers may soon have got further marketplace chances as industry regulator Coffee Board of Republic Of Kenya researches online connectivity to purchasers abroad.

In a conception dubbed e-marketing, CBK expects to set up linkages to forte markets, especially in the US, beginning February through the touching of a button. Some 80 processing mills have got enrolled to marketplace their green goods through the conception when it is inaugurated. The new scheme is supported by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) and the United States based Coffee Quality Institute (CQI).

"We are specifically targeting forte java where we shall have got samples tested locally by certified liquorors and marketed electronically abroad," CBK managing manager Loise Njeru said.

Analysts said the on-line strategy would supplement the current auction bridge and direct gross sales systems as agriculturists seek competitory pricing of their commodity. The old selling systems have got been faced with challenges prompting agriculturists to seek right from the State.

The weekly auction bridge have been dogged by claims of terms fixing among traders on the trading flooring - a development that have seen some husbandmen seek an option in the direct gross sales system to marketplaces abroad.

But this scheme have proved negativist to them because of numerous enlistments such as as a drawn-out clearance process before making cargoes out of the country. And with the planned startup of e-marketing, expectation is that it could pull a just share of agriculturists aiming to set down better fortunes. "I believe husbandmen and roasters will take advantage of the liberalization of java selling to construct profitable concern relationships," said Mrs Njeru.

As portion of attempts to research new markets, 100s of local liquorors have got been undergoing preparation based on criteria in the United States marketplace to ease the integrating of the supply chain. CQI have got developed A particular criteria manual and is currently coordinating the preparation programme of the liquorors.

"For the first time, we are put to fall in the planetary forte java industry by utilising the planetary forte criterion to guarantee husbandmen and roasters talk the same concern language," said Mrs Njeru .

The functionary said the preparation on a common criterion would give Republic Of Republic Of Kenya an advantage in cardinal international marketplaces in that it would get rid of cumbrous grading at assorted points of sale, besides ensuring husbandmen have a definite mention in footing of prices.

It would, however, be interesting to observe how those involved in the e-marketing concept would cover with the nothingness in statute law government electronic commerce.

Kenya have no statute law on e-commerce, a place that presents a drawback to enterprisers seeking to transport out fiscal minutes through the cyberspace because written documents generated and carried through this medium are not recognised as official.

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A Bill on Information, Communication and Technology (ICT) that sought to legalise e-commerce failed to see the visible light of twenty-four hours after Information curate Mutahi Kagwe hastily withdrew it to let for amendments to subdivisions stakeholders claimed were derogatory.

But as Republic Of Kenya prosecutes the way of forte coffee, analyst said accent must be accorded to proper farming to vouch insurance premium earnings. In this marketplace section pricing is strictly pegged on quality.

Luckily for the local growers, proper harvest farming is highly rated among reforms in the industry.