Monday, December 3, 2007

Uganda: Rugasira's Coffee Wins $50000 Prize -

Emmy OlakiKampala

GOOD African Coffee Company owned by Saint Andrew Rugasira have won a $50,000 award in the tightly-contested race in which only six finalists were awarded.

The other victors were Enterprise URWIBUTSO, of Rwanda, Kencell, of Kenya, Tele-10 of Rwandese Republic and Virtual City of Kenya, each of which received a $50,000 award during the inaugural Legatum Pioneer of Prosperity Awards in Capital Of Rwandese Republic Rwanda.

There are awardings are an enterprise of Legatum, a private house that put in working capital marketplaces and in enterprises that support person and societal development around the world. They were jointly organised with the OTF Group, a house that assists construct fight in emerging economic systems by providing analytical tools to plan and implement invention based strategies, and the Toilet Templeton Foundation.

They are designed to honor small-and-medium enterprises concern leadership in East Africa. AAA Growers of Republic Of Kenya emerged first victors from 450 rivals who took portion in the event.

They pocketed $100,000 in award money.

Rwanda President Alice Paul Kagame, who officiated at the awardings over the weekend said employers who see their work force as inexpensive labor had no topographic point in Africa.

"Effective companies must set a batch of value in their workforce, and then they will be welcome in Africa," he said.

The President said African enterprisers should be function theoretical accounts and responsible citizens who should have got regard for the environment and good corporate citizens who should pay their taxes.

"The old mentality that the environment must be exploited at all cost no longer works because we cognize better. We must renew these resources and not recklessly destruct them.

" And this must be the mentality of both the Government and the private sector," Kagame insisted. Alan McCormick, the Legatum managing director, said: "Each of the finalists is a shining illustration of growing endeavor and the wards unequivocally demonstrated that these enterprisers have got earned their topographic point alongside the very best in the world.

"We trust they will animate a new coevals of pioneers and enterprisers to follow in their footsteps," said. He said Africa is full of success narratives not yet told in the West.

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"They are creating their ain hereafters through endeavor and bringing a dramatic improvement in quality of life, something a tenfold increase in assistance can't achieve."

The criteria for choosing the victors was based on advanced merchandises and services, sustainable profitability, employee compensation, preparation and work statuses and environmental consciousness.

"We were looking for a world-class mercantile led by a strong and ethical direction committed to not only upholding the peak criteria of corporate behaviour but also growing their concerns aggressively."

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