Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Uganda: Coffee Farm Prices Soar -

Tom MagumbaKampala

Coffee husbandmen with quality green goods fetched high terms despite the driblet in java terms on the human race market. According to a java study for the calendar calendar month of March, husbandman groupings with good quality java in big measures fetched as high a terms as Shs3,400 per a kilo, which was Shs300 higher than what was offered the former month.

Internal selling of the harvest was interrupted in the former calendar months by the insecurity in Kenya. The study properties the higher quality to the high punishments levied by the exporters for mediocre quality coffee.

This means, Ugandan husbandmen may possibly net income more if they go on with good harvest farming practices. A sum of 279,248, 60-kilo bags of java worth $36.3 million (over Shs61.6 billion) were exported last month, indicating 5.22 percentage rise in volume and value, respectively compared to the same time period last year.

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