Monday, August 20, 2007

Finding Great Coffee in Paris, France

OK, Iodine acknowledge it … I'm a spot of a java evangelist, person who loves the taste sensation of good coffee. My background is that I've had java in many states of the world, and my front-runner is Italian coffee, made in an espresso machine. Luckily for me, there is a immense Italian population in Commonwealth Of Australia and many of us have got go cognoscentis because of the wealthiness of antic coffeehouses in Sydney, Melbourne and other locations.

My front-runner type of java is a latte which is comprised of good strong Italian coffee, topped off by thick creamy hot milk and a spot of foam.

What's that I hear you ask? "Have you ever been unhappy with a coffee?"

Yes, I've sent back tepid tasteless javas in many cafes. This doesn't intend I'm a java snob, it just intends I like to have got a spot of java in my java if you cognize what I intend :-)

When I was visiting Paris, French Republic recently I knew I'd necessitate to happen some good coffee. I've lived in City Of Light and visited many times, and the Gallic are not known for their coffee. Or milk. My undergoes on this trip brought back graphic memories of when I lived there … tons of coffeehouses served java that tasted like tar, and the milk added was almost always UHT milk - milk which doesn't necessitate refrigerating, and which have a odor which is difficult to describe.

So - the hunt was on! I arrived in City Of Light and establish the closest cyberspace café [what would we make without the internet? Iodine frisson to believe …]

I establish a couple of possible coffeehouses who SOUNDED good, so my first escapade was to head off and make the taste sensation test.

=== Caffé Kimbo Delaware Naples - 5 Topographic Point du Ternes, 75017 City Of Light ===

One of my friends in City Of Light [Gabrielle] had spotted the name of this café from the autobus on her manner to work. It had an Italian name, so we held great hopes that it might turn out to be a small oasis amongst the other coffeehouses in the area. We arranged to ran into late 1 afternoon, and I quickly spotted the name of the café snuggled tightly between some lovely shops. I stepped inside the cunning small café, with beautiful darkness wooden walls, and was greeted by a delicious adult female with a immense friendly smiling who answered all our demanding questions.

"Do you have got existent Italian coffee??"

"Is it Arabica??"

"Is it strong??"

"Do you utilize fresh milk??"

"Have you ever heard of a latte??"

The lady in the café answered, "Yes!" to all our inquiries with the top of patience, and Gabrielle and I wriggled and squirmed like happy new puppies, in expectancy of having the first good strong Italian latte in Paris. The delay was deserving it - the java was excellent! I highly urge this café.

Taste: Strong Italian espresso made with a real number Italian espresso machine. Milk : Fresh milk, steamed to perfection! Quality: Thick and creamy latte - decidedly delicious.

We drank manner too many javas in our first sitting, but we were so excited we were hooked on the spirit and had to maintain savouring 'just one more than cup'.

A few years latter Iodine decided to check up on out another possible cafe, on my escapade to happen the best java in Paris, France.

=== Café Malongo - 50 herb of grace St Andre diethylstilbestrol Arts, 75006 City Of Light ===

I establish Cafe Malongo mentioned on the internet, so Iodine took the subway to St Michel, walked along the gorgeous Rue Saint Andre diethylstilbestrol Humanistic Discipline and stepped inside Malongo's broad glass doors. Wow! What a immense café! I was overwhelmed by the size of the café, and delighted by all the small subdivisions where I could sit down down and read the paper; some people had laptop computers plugged in, everyone was savouring their javas in a great atmosphere, with easy-listening music in the background.

You can tell java plus bars or pastries, but no sandwiches or lunch-type food is available.

My latte was served in a long glass, the tray was wonderfully presented, and the staff efficient and very friendly.

Taste: Different java land on the premises each day. I tried one, then asked for 'strong' for my adjacent one.

Mlk : Fresh milk, steamed.

Quality: The milk didn't have got that thick creamy quality I adore, but it was good.

Was my escapade worthwhile? Absolutely! As I detect more than topographic points I enjoy, I will go on to compose about them and share with you.

A bientot! See you soon!


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