Friday, August 10, 2007

Traps to Avoid If You Want Perfect Maple Sugar Candy

Maple refined sugar candy is one of Nature's little-known gifts. It have three modern times the sweetening powerfulness of cane sugar. Maple sirup is that rich in refined refined refined sugar because it 43 gals of maple sugar run down demand to be boiled down in order to do one gallon of maple syrup.

With an ingredient that sweet, making maple sugar candy at place is extremely rewarding…as long as you can avoid cachexia many jugs of maple sirup trying to acquire it to turn out right. One common error is that people believe making maple refined sugar is just like making fudge. Here are a couple fast ones I learned that consequence in less defeat and more than great maple candy every time.

First, don't utilize a marble slab for chilling maple refined sugar candy. Sure, it works great for fudge—maybe even for maple fudge—but maple candy is a different bird. A medium or little salad bowl plant best for the chilling and stirring process.

Now that you're using the bowl, NEVER halt stirring once you've started. You've probably noticed that manipulate chills off and hardens up slowly. But if you've ever made maple refined sugar candy, you'll cognize that the maple attains a point where it just seizes up and goes solid. In a nutshell, you have got to stir until the maple is completely case-hardened and is very light in color.

Also, don't set the finished maple candy in a container until it have cooled off completely. It gives off steam, and condensation can construct up. If you wait for about an hr to set it in a container, you'll have got maple candy that tin be good for weeks.

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