Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sandra's Turkey Burger Recipe

1 pound thin land Meleagris gallopavo (not other lean)

1 pound reg. land Meleagris gallopavo – the sort in a tubing in the frozen section

¼ cup bar-be-que sauce

½ cup breadstuff crumbs

1 egg

1 little tin mild greenness Chile peppers, chopped

½ tsp Allium sativum powder

½ tsp chili con carne powder

½ tsp cultivated celery salt

½ tsp oregano

¼ tsp thyme

Combine all ingredients in bowl thoroughly. Brand patties, Fry in canola oil,

7 proceedings each side on med-Low heat.

Feel free to replace the spices or sauce with whatever you like.

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Reasons to eat turkey;

Turkey recently made the top 10 ace nutrients listing for respective grounds including these two:

Turkey is a great low fat beginning of protein, in fact Meleagris gallopavo breast have the last fat of any meat or fish.

Turkey is one of the most food heavy nutrients available (top ten), meaning you will acquire more than vitamins, minerals, aminic acids and phyto-nutrients per gram calorie than a batch of other foods.

Another ground to eat Meleagris gallopavo is to assist revolve mealtime ennui of the same old nutrients hebdomad after week. Turkey can replace poulet in a batch of poulet formulas and beef cattle cattle and porc in some beef and porc recipes. Replacing land beef cattle with land Meleagris gallopavo in your spaghetti for example, is much better for your health, and you don't even detect the difference. My hubby makes this at home, since he's the spaghetti expert. Try it you'll wish it. Turkey looks to necessitate a small more than spicing up in my sentiment than poulet does, but there are so many herbaceous plants and spices to take from that it's really not a problem. These years you can purchase any portion of the Meleagris gallopavo you want, for illustration you can just purchase one Meleagris gallopavo breast or 1-2 legs or wings, and there are multiple types of land Meleagris gallopavo including brownish meat White meat, amalgamated and very lean.

We've got some delightful Meleagris gallopavo formulas on our land site you may desire to try, including the former Turkey Burger formula I made up myself. Give it a attempt and start adding more than Meleagris gallopavo to your diet. It's not just for Thanksgiving Day anymore.

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