Friday, February 22, 2008

Freezer Meals - Labeling and Keeping Track of Them

You spent some other clip devising a few other meals. Brand certain you finish the procedure so you will be able to happen and bask your deepfreeze repasts later. Here are some tips.

1. Labeling - You can either compose the name of the meal, baking instruction manual and day of the month on the repast wrapper itself or you can just compose the name and day of the month and then do up a card for the instruction manual and shop that in your kitchen. You can utilize deepfreeze tape, lubricating oil pencil or lasting marker. My favourite label is deepfreeze tape. It's cheap, throws up well and is easy to compose on.

2. Keeping Path of Frozen Meals - There are basically 3 different methods you can utilize to maintain path of your meals. First you can utilize the "dig and find" method. I don't urge it, but it's available. Basically you just hive away the repasts in the deepfreeze thought that you will retrieve what you have got got in there only to happen yourself excavation around later trying to calculate out what you have frozen.

Secondly, you can do a listing and set it on your freezer. They when you do a deepfreeze repast you compose it down on the listing and cross it off when you take it out.

My favourite option is to do a card with the name of the repast with baking instruction manual on it. These card game can then be reused when you do that repast again. Before you set the repast in the deepfreeze you set the card in an envelope in your kitchen marked "Meals in the Freezer." This maintains your deepfreeze door less littered and maintains you from having to compose the baking hot instruction manual on each deepfreeze meal.

Choose the labeling and trailing system you like the best. It will maintain you motivated to maintain freeze repasts when you can happen what you necessitate and you don't have got to delve through all your cookery books to happen out how to heat up the frozen meal.

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